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Health Services

Special Inpatient

In Patient Services (IPD) :
The hospital has different inpatient wards to care and treat the sick patients in 24 hours.

Emergency Ward has 8 observation beds, bedside table, monitor and other essential equipments.

ICU Ward has 8 beds with ventilator, Patient monitor, center line oxygen and suction. There are nurses and doctors in 24 hours to ensure the health of patient and care.

HDCU Ward has 5 bed & isolation rooms with full equipped. Patient who does not need ICU care but need close monitor and supporting care admitted them to HDCU ward.

General Ward has 50 beds with clean areas; There is a combined toilet provided for the patient & personal hygiene of all the ward user.

Pow Ward had 7 beds with isolated. For these patient who require post operative care are admitted.

Hematology Ward has 23 beds and cabins (single and double) to provide special care & treatment to these patient who had blood and blood related disease, like ITP, leulcaemia, hemophilia, and so on.

Charity Ward has 5 beds for poor of the poorest patient who are unable to pay for the treatment / care that they require. There has facilities to receive discount in different procedures.