Wellness Health Screening Center

“Prevention is better than cure” is probably one of the oldest proverbs in medical history. And rightly so, numerous of studies suggest that a lot of studies can be battled if detected early stage though periodic health check-up.

We have designated  of different packages for various age groups and health conditions to provide affordable health screening package to our client.


Basic Health Care Plan: Recommended to patients who require limited test and investigations.

Full/Complete Check-up Plan: Comprising almost all the patients who require comprehensive report of one’s health.

Extended Care Plan: This plan is best suit to patient looking for yearly comprehensive check-ups,

Cardiac Care Plan: This plan is specially designated to cardiac and hypertensive patient focusing on Cardiology related test/ investigation

Child Health Care Plan: It is designated for children looking for a throughout health check-up.

Women Health Plan: Specially designated for female patient, this plan included gynecology related tests and investigations covering through-out women health.

Diabetic Care Plan:  It is based care plan recommended for diabetic patient to assess the status and overall health progresses.

Senior Citizen Care Plan: Ideal for senior citizen to assess the health status which includes age based test and investigations.


Our dedicated wellness health screening staff will assist for complete test, investigation and process until final consultation.

(Price range NRs 4000 -8500)